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Zopa Bank

Head of Experience Design

Zopa's bank is scheduled to launch in 2020 and will sit alongside its peer-to-peer lending business. Zopa plans to offer FSCS protected deposit accounts, credit cards, and a money management app which makes use of data made available by the introduction of Open Banking.

My role

Building, scaling, and coaching a team of Product and Service Designers.

Define and execute the user experience vision, strategy and tactics, team's code of conduct, user-centred design direction and guidelines.

Liaising with designers, developers, product managers, and business leaders to implement new conceptual ideas while developing and scaling a Design System.

Collaborating with the brand team to help ensure consistent tone of voice and appropriate design across all digital customer channels.

Enriching an emerging technology and finance-based culture by injecting a more user-centred and problem-solving mindset and process.

Identifying and driving emerging digital initiatives associated with usability, accessibility and design.

My journey

To be written ...

Design Strategy

Coming soon...

Working during a lockdown

I embrace change, and I always share my love for it with my team. I believe "change" is a decisive agent for testing and shaping your character.

In March 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic forced many out of their jobs while the lucky ones had to work from home. For now, we are part of the lucky bunch. Acknowledging this fact helped us to be grateful and to stay focused on the challenges and tasks ahead of us. Luckily, we were able to welcome to the team and build rapport with our new hires before the lockdown. This is a group of terrific human beings and being able to bond in no time adequately equipped the team well to minimise disruption.

Design Thinking

Coming soon...

Zopa Design System

There isn't much I can share at the moment (May 2020) as everything is undergoing and the actual outcome is still undefined. However, we are moving fast in delivering a new Zopa by practising our new design principles and developing and scaling our Design System.

Design strategy begins with
understanding the organisation's culture and business' model. Act according to the organisation's design maturity, cognitive motivations, and business' expectations. Look at the shape and size of the aperture before picking the right peg – or you might end up trying to force a square peg into a round hole.

Play and Learn

Coming soon...

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